USPTA Future MastersTM

11 & Under Tennis

USPTA Future MastersTM is a multi-format weekly match-play series for children 4 to 11. The format conforms to that as recommended by ITF, USTA and USPTA

This program, run on similar lines to the established TEAM WTA Grand Prix series for high school players, is played at a single location (Woodfield C.C.) on Saturday afternoons throughout the WINTER season from January 30 to March 19, 2016. Timeframes are as follows;

36' court, red ball, mini-net: 12:30PM - 2:00PM
60' court, orange ball: 12:30PM - 2:00PM
Full court, green dot ball: 2:00PM - 3:30PM

The 36' format (red ball) is an ideal format to introduce juniors to basic match play in a fun but competitive environment. Beginners are welcome, but must be able to hit the ball over the net to start the point. The 60' court (orange ball) is for players who have developed their skill level so they can play using a regulation net, albeit on a slightly shorter court. Full court (78') is for players who can serve and rally from the baseline. There are several flights in each format division, depending upon the number of players in each format. Players are generally matched with their peers of similar skill levels to optimize their fun and enjoyment. Children can be moved mid-season if it is seen they will benefit from playing in a different flight.

The program is run by Jacquie, a USPTA/PTR pro, along with other pros' and high school assistants to supervise the players and help with calls, rules and scoring. 

The objective of the TEAM WTA Program is for the children to progressively advance their skill level from the age of 4, all the way through to playing for their high school team, and possibly beyond.

For tennis-related queries information, please contact Jacquie.

Cell: 561.809.7799 (call or text)

For program, admin or registration details, please

Weekly scores will be shown below for each player, who can track their progress within their own flight. The top four players at the end of week 6 will play each other during the week 7 session, in a round-robin format to determine the Champion. Each flight Champion will be awarded a trophy. 


Future MastersTM tennis is a Grassroots Tennis LLC trademark.